Call:  (716) 376-6337


-We’ll bring your meds to your vehicle


-Credit Card by phone is the preferred payment for carside service


-For anyone and especially recommended for those not feeling well


We’re here to serve and we’re happy to help!

Visiting the PHARMACY during Covid-19:

If possible, PLEASE...


Call your prescriptions in a day or two early

to avoid waiting in store


Please limit the number of people you bring,

come by yourself if possible


Sanitize your hands BEFORE entering to protect pharmacy staff and AFTER leaving to protect yourself


Please keep 6ft of distance from others


We are sanitizing surfaces regularly,

Try to pay with debit/credit to limit exchanging dollar bills


Please do not hand in old bottles for refills


Utilize any/all online options to place Rx orders or confirm ready status. Online services will save time


We offer text/e-mail notifications when your script is ready for pickup. Please call to register!